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Sunday, 16 December 2018

Dinner at The Urban Fox, Edinburgh

A few weeks ago, I was invited down to The Urban Fox in Edinburgh to try out their festive menu. The set menu had lots of great options and I had some fantastic company with some other bloggers (Lorna, Charlene and Beth) so I was certainly set for a good night. The Urban Fox is relatively new on Edinburgh's restaurant scene and is located in Newington. On arrival, we started with a lovely mulled wine which helped me warm up as it blowing an absolute gale outside.  


Sunday, 16 September 2018

A No Knead Bread Recipe For Beginner Bakers

We all know by now that I'm a girl that loves her bread. For the last few weeks, I've tried to make bread on a weekly basis. I've been trying out various 'easy' bread recipes after a burned challah incident that I do not want to talk about. I've adjusted a few and found what I think really works for me. For this recipe, you'll need a big casserole dish with a lid that can go in an oven. Regular ovens don't get as hot as a bread oven would. By preheating the covered dish in a regular oven, the higher temperature can be reached and this gives the bread a really nice crust. 

This bread is no-knead so is perfect for those that would maybe shy away from bread baking because they don't think that they can do it. It does require at least 12 hours of proving time but this means that it can be prepped well in advance. I usually mix the dough together on a Saturday night and bake the loaf first thing on a Sunday morning. There's nothing quite like the smell of freshly baked bread to start off a lazy Sunday!


Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Underwater Exploring at Deep Sea World

Recently I was invited along to Deep Sea World for their media evening alongside lots of other bloggers and journalists. Deep Sea World is an aquarium located in North Queensferry, about 20 minutes from the city centre of Edinburgh by train. I had visited several times before as a child, but this was my first time visiting as an adult. So I was very excited to see what had changed.

I got the train and it was about a 5 minutes walk to the aquarium. By car, there's a large car park and it is right across the bridges. Very accessible. On arrival, we were taken on a tour of the aquarium. As it was after the regular closing time, it was very quiet and we had the chance to ask the keeps any questions etc. The aquarium has lots of different exhibits with fish from lots of different countries.


Wednesday, 5 September 2018

July and August Reading Wrap Up

This has not been a summer full of books for me. But that's ok because life gets in the way sometimes. However, But... I have read some really good books over the past few months. And I'm finally trying to get through all of the books that are on my Kindle. I swear I think I've been reading The Miseducation of Cameron Post for about 3 years that book is so damn long...

Everything I Know About Love by Dolly Alderton
Everyone and their dog was reading this book so who was I to not join in? In this memoir, journalist Dolly Alderton tells us little anecdotes about romantic, friendly and familial love. It was really enjoyable and felt more like a collection of blog posts than a heavy read. It was also broken up by little chapters of lists or recipes. I liked it in that it felt like a book that I could pick up if I had 5 minutes or 30 minutes to spare and still get a little chunk out of it. That being said. I did find Dolly's stories to be a little unrelatble at times but however, I'm probably not the target audience. I gave it 3/5 stars. Did I find it as amazing as everyone has been saying? No. But did I enjoy reading it? Yes. Am I writing my blog posts now like Josh from Love Island?  You betcha. 


Sunday, 2 September 2018

The Aperitivi Menu at Mono, Edinburgh

I've been back in Edinburgh for about three months now and it's been great being able to visit my favourite old Edinburgh food haunts. But that being said, Edinburgh has gotten some new kids on the block. I was kindly invited down to Mono to try out their aperitivi menu with some other bloggers recently. Mono is an Italian fine dining restaurant located on South Bridge, a stone throw away from the Royal Mile and a great number of Edinburgh's museums and hotels.

The aperitivi menu is served between 5-6:30 pm and consists of a 3 course set menu, canapes and a spritz. The menu is £35 which I'm sure you can agree is fantastic value for money. The spritz is served on arrival and was absolutely delicious. We were all so impressed with the metal, reusable straws that they were served with. Very on trend with all the focus on reducing plastic waste at the moment. We tried of a selection of 3 little canapes. My favourite was the tiny caprese mouthful served on a cracker. I could have had about 30 of these!


Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Baba, Ediburgh

I've got a never ending list of foodie spots in Edinburgh that I want to try out. And Baba has been at the top of said list since it opened a few months ago. 

Kirsty ordered the cauliflower fritters which were absolutely phenomenal. Cauliflower is a seriously underrated vegetable, isn't it! If I were to go back I would definitely order them. The batter was light and crispy and the sauce was really refreshing. Definitely one of those veggie dishes that doesn't feel like eating vegetables!

We ordered a hummus for the table and despite not being a massive hummus fan, I thought that it was delicious. Topped with lovely crunchy pine nuts and a zingy pesto-like sauce. We made fast work of it. Any of the tips come with a pitta bread and this pitta was the best I have ever tasted. Soft, fluffy and served still warm in a brown paper bag. Perfect for tearing into and dipping into all their lovely dishes. 

The highlight of the whole meal for me was the whipped goat's cheese with pistachio, lemon and courgette. It had the perfect balance of tangy citrus and rich, indulgent creaminess. I shared one with Charlotte but I'd have happily stuffed a whole one into my face. And I haven't stopped thinking about it since. 

I love it when foreign food restaurants in Scotland incorporate haggis into the menu. And so when I see it, I kind of have to order it. Haggis and harissa kibbeh, therefore, really caught my eye. They were little kofta style fritters. Haggis is relatively spicy to begin so works really well with harissa. They were very rich, so four little ones as a nibbling dish is the perfect portion.  Thumbs up from me. 

The only part of the meal that I didn't really enjoy was the scallop. They sell their scallops individually and they come served on a shell with tzatziki and another pesto-style sauce called chermoula which is coriander based. I love scallops so I ordered one anyway despite it being £5 because I thought 'treat yourself!'. The sauces were so strong in flavour that the flavour of the scallop was totally masked. So it wasn't actually that enjoyable and certainly not worth £5 in my opinion. 

I also ordered the baked sweet potato side which came with creme fraiche and zhug, the spicy coriander sauce that was served with the fritters. This was lovely. The potato was baked perfectly and really went well with the sauces. It was nice in that it felt very carby after we had just eaten a lot of dips! This is something I could definitely see myself trying to recreate at home. 

Baba is located at 130 George Street and its full menu is available here

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