Wednesday, 29 February 2012

February Empties

1. Bodycare Cotton Pads - My mum has bought me about four packs of these recently and they aren't something I really use all that much apart from for make up and nail varnish remover. They're handy to have around but I just don't have space for 4 packs. These ones are pretty decent but go fluffy quite quickly with nail varnish remover though. Would I repurchase? Yes

2. Herbal Essences Shine Enchancing Conditioner- I really like this conditioner, I feel that the matching shampoo is a bit too rich for my hair. Would I repurchase? Yes

3. Lush Sex Bomb - You can read my review of this here. Would I repurchase? Yes

4. Lush Dragon's Egg - You can read my review of this here. Would I repurchase? No

5. Body Shop Candied Ginger Body Butter - You can read my review of this here. Would I repurchase? Yes

6. Impulse Hot Pink Shower Gel - Got this for Christmas in a gift set, has a nice tropical scent but I don't think it can be bought on it's own. Would I repurchase? No

7. Boots Cucumber Toner - Bought this in the summer, honestly don't think it has done anything to my skin. It does have a nice scent though and felt quite soothing on my skin after a long day. Would I repurchase? No

8. Impulse Romantic Spark Body Spray - I always get these at Christmas but I'm not really an aerosol fan. I normally try and use them up pretty quick. This did smell quite nice though. Would I repurchase? No

9. Sure Deodrant -This didn't work for me at all. I've found my holy grail deodrant but I'm trying to use up ones like these that I bought in my quest to find it. Would I repurchase? No

What did you use up this month?

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