Lush Space Girl Bath Bomb Review

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

What Lush Say
Of course, if we were making an interstellar ballistic we had to put space dust in it (otherwise known as popping candy). So make sure you plunge your head underwater if you want to hear the full effects of the crackles and pops.
We make lots of music at Lush and much of it is written for us by Simon Emmerson from The Imagined Village. On their second album, Empire & Love, they did a great track called Space Girl. Simon’s daughter (normally his biggest critic) listened to the track and liked it so much she said wouldn't it be great to have a Lush product to match it. When Simon told us, we rather agreed! We had to do the track justice, so made a ballistic with a bright sparkly fragrance, coupled with a deep space colour and a sprinkling of glitter for you to create the swirling constellations in your water.

What I Say
I really like this bath bomb! At £1.95 it's a great price for the product. It turns your water a lovely purple colour and has such a sweet fruity scent. However there is quite a lot of glitter in this product. I don't mind glitter unless it's on a load of Christmas cards in my bag and goes everywhere. It's not too much glitter but you can see it reflecting on the surface of the water and while see a few but not too many flecks on your skins afterwards. This creates a lovely bathing environment perfect for after a long hard day. And as for the popping candy, I could hear it but only for a few seconds whilst the bomb was fizzing and for a few seconds afterwards, definitely not a feature for the people that like to pop a bomb in and come back in a couple of minutes later!

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