Sunday, 12 February 2012

This or That


Blush or Bronzer - Blush
Lip gloss or Lipstick - Lipstick, I'm really not a lipgloss person
Eye liner or Mascara - Liner!
Foundation or Concealer - Neither
Pressed or Loose eye shadows- Pressed! Loose = messy
Brushes or Sponges- Brushes
Nails inc or Barry M - I've never tried Nails Inc but I despise Barry M
Long or Short- I play guitar so have to keep 'em short
Acrylic or Natural- Natural, again with the guitar
Brights or Darks - Darks
Flower or no flower- No flower
Perfume or Body spray - Perfume
Lotion or Body Butter - BUTTA
Body wash or Soap- Body wash
Lush or other bath company - Lush is the only one I've really tried
Jeans or Sweat pants- Jeans
Long sleeve or Short- Long but rolled up to the elbows
Dresses or Skirts- Dresses
Stripes or Plaid - Stripes
Flip flops or Sandals - Sandals, I can't walk in flip flops
Scarves or Hats- Scarves
Studs or Dangly earrings - studs
Necklaces or Bracelets -necklaces
Heels or Flats - flats
Cowboy boots or Riding boots- Riding boots.
Jacket or Hoodie - Jackets
Primark or New Look -New Look
TopShop or Next - Topshop
Debenhams or House of Fraser - Debenhams
Curly or Straight - Straight
Bun or Ponytail - Bun
Bobby pins or Butterfly clips- obby Pins
Hair spray or Gel - neither
Long or Short - long
Light or Dark -dark
Side sweep fringe or Full fringe-full
Up or Down - Down.


Rain or Shine- rain
Summer or Winter- Winter
Spring or Autumn - Autumn.
Chocolate or Vanilla - Chocolate
East coast or West coast - I'm from Scotland and you can't beat a scottish west coast accent

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