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Thursday, 8 March 2012
Hey everyone, I'm Sarah and I usually blog about my outfits and make up that I love/hate!
As the theme of this blog swap is ‘Spring’, I thought I would post about a couple of spring themed beauty products that I have just bought.  I love wearing coral as it seems to suit my (very, very) pale skin more than other shades of red/orange, and it is also very bright and instantly makes me feel like spring and summer is on the way!  I bought these two lipsticks from Topshop:

 The coral shade is called Infrared, and the nude is called Nevada.  These colours just popped out at me in the shop because the coral is great for wearing with all the summer outfits that I expect to buy soon (!), and it is just really bright, bold and feminine.  The nude is a staple colour really, that is ideal for wearing to work and also with natural-look make up that is always popular in spring/summer.  The description on both these lipsticks is ‘velvet finish moisturising lipstick’, and so far I have only tried the Infrared shade but straight away I noticed how well it goes on and how hydrating it feels.  I suffer with dry lips all year round so this kind of lipstick is perfect for me, and it is also a fairly matte finish which is a bonus.

This is what it looks like on me, and it genuinely makes me feel 100% more like spring is here, even though it is still freezing outside!
I stayed with the coral theme when choosing a new nail polish, and bought this one from Maxfactor, in shade Red Carpet Glam.  I also picked up some nail gems from Poundland!

Nothing says spring more than taking off the dark polish from winter and dressing your nails up in a bright summery shade like coral!  The gems were actually something I spotted after and thought I would try out.  Here is the result:

 I was sort of pleased with myself for getting all the gems in the right place, especially doing the left hand, as I am left handed and my right hand is absolutely useless! 
I hope you liked my little spring post!  When I found out the theme was ‘Spring’, the first thing I thought of was how I live in coral shades throughout that entire season and how it helps cheer my wardrobe up when the weather isn’t quite as nice as I’d like!
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Sarah xx

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