Lush Avobath Bath Bomb Review

Sunday, 29 April 2012
 What Lush Say
Use this when your skin is thirsty and your mind is blocked. If you haven’t got a friend to tell you to pull your socks up and get back up and out there, then this ballistic will do the job for you!Avocado and olive oil is great for the skin and will leave you feeling your best on the outside.The lemongrass, rosewood and bergamot essential oils banish negative thoughts, bring clarity and uplift to leave you standing tall and proud.It’s not easy to get wet ingredients like fresh fruit and olive oil into a ballistic without it turning to mush – so we were very excited when Mo pulled this one out of the bag.The green lustre in Avobath gives a lovely swirling, shimmery effect in the water, but doesn't leave you sparkling when you step out.This fragrance is what Mark calls a tower of fruit. He wanted to create a fragrance that was like the bar of chocolate you could buy when he was a boy; that had five different fruit fondants in it. So he made a perfume of layers upon layers of fruit notes that reveal themselves one after the other.

What I Say
This actually my new favourite bath bomb. The smell is so sweet yet still refreshing. I used this after having 5 exam papers in two days and was just feeling really stressed out. This fizzed up pretty quickly which I like, I'm rather impatient. You can definitely smell the avocado and lemon grass in this and it's great a little pick me up. It left the bath a lovely green colour that had a few sparkles in it but didn't leave that much of a glittery look on the skin afterwords. The smell also wasn't too over powering, I find that some lush products can be. 

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