Week In Photos #9

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Fancy Chocolates / New Summery Clothes / Dyed My Hair(It Made No Difference)
Book Of The Week / Christmas Stamps In May / Lemon Biscuits
Reading On The Trampoline / Starbucks On Princes Street / Nandos

This week has been brilliant and crappy all at the same time. I had three exams this week: German on Tuesday; biology on Wednesday and History on Friday. It's been sunny all week but I stayed inside until I'd finished the exams, I knew the sun would just destroy all of my motivation. I only have one exam left now, then onto starting the highers.

Saturday was the highlight of the week. I met my friend in Edinburgh(I hadn't seen her since the start of April) and we went shopping and stopped at Nandos for dinner. Haul to come soon! And then I came home  for about half an hour before going out with my granny to see a local production of Me And My Girl. It was fantastic, however in the interval I started to get a bit sniffy. By the end of the second act I had fully developed a cold. A cold. In the middle of a heatwave. I can't believe it. So I plan on spending today on the sofa watching last night's Eurovision. It's also my 6 month anniversary with my boyfriend but he has his advanced higher physics exam(ouch) tomorrow so I won't be seeing him. And I think we're having a barbecue tonight, result.

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