Week In Photos #11

Sunday, 10 June 2012
All time favourite kid's film / Slushee in Edinburgh / New timetable / The best type of ice lolly / Subway / Cherry scone / Me before a 2 hour zumbathon / Book of the week / New bag

Study leave finished for me this week and I returned to school to start my 5th year of high school and my highers. I choose English, maths, human biology, chemistry and physics. I've only done 3 days but so far I'm really enjoying it(I've been told this won't last long). I really like the people I'm sitting with and my teachers. Although I had to buy a new bag as I couldn't fit a ring binder folder in my old one, although I see this as more of a positive!

I've realised that this food is mostly food, I also baked some ginger biscuits that expanded too much in the oven and came out as one massive biscuit. I managed to cut them up ok though and a recipe post should be up sometime this week as they were really delicious. I also still need to do a collective haul and my May favourites(ridiculously late).

How was your week?
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