Week In Photos #12

Sunday, 17 June 2012
Trying out these little starry bad boys / Book of the week #1 / New favourite snack
Books of the week #2 and #3 / Rain / Packing to stay at my grans
Made oreo truffles / Book of the week #4 / Found an easter egg I'd hidden from myself

This week has been pretty good but pretty lonely. My best friend has been in spain, another friend in Birmingham and my boyfriend in London. I think that's why I've gotten through so many books. Nick Hornby's  A Long Way Down and Khaled Hossseini's A Thousand Splendid Suns are absolutely amazing.

I've mostly just been chilling and trying to get back into the school routine again. I went to zumba again on Monday and I'm really starting to enjoy it and feel that my general fitness has improved. I also played pokemon for the first time ever!  I stayed at my gran's house on Friday night. We went out for Chinese food and I baked oreo truffles and attempted to make lemon bars but they didn't turn out right. 

How has your week been? 

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