Week In Photos #13

Sunday, 24 June 2012
Went holiday shopping at Primark / Super cute bunnies on my new pjs / DIYed this dress but cutting about 5 inches off the bottom
Loving this album / Made pizza baguettes / Too much maths homework
School Prize Giving Ceremony / Finally got a fringe trim! / Parting gift from my college lecturer

This has been a great week! I got 6 merits at my school's prize giving ceremony(out of 8 subjects) and an English teacher sent an essay that I wrote away to a local young writers magazine and they want to publish it!   This has been such a great confident boost for me! 

I also finally finished my college course on Friday. In my area school finishes at 12:30-ish on a Friday and the local college runs courses that people can do after school on Fridays. Stupidly I signed up to do Int 2 Early Education and Childcare. The course wasn't for me but I stuck it out, it was a learning curve and an extra qualification to put on my CV.

On Saturday night I had a movie night with some friends. We watched Carrie and It, a bit of an accidental Stephen King marathon. And of course we ate out body weights in junk food.

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What have you been up to this week?

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