100th Post, 100 Followers and Design Updates!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012
Hey guys, this is my 100th post! I can't believe it's came so quickly(that's what she said) ,  I remember starting my blog in January and I never imagined it to be at the stage it is today. I recently hit 100 followers about two weeks ago but I was at my dad's without a computer and couldn't post about it at the time. When I got back I realised I was very close to my 100th post and decided to wait and do both together. But in the last two weeks I have gained around 25 followers! I cannot believe it, it took me from January to July to get 100 followers and then I get 25 in a fortnight! I would just like to say a MASSIVE thank you to every that has followed my blog. I really appreciate your support and all your comments.

You may also notice that I've had my blog revamped, do you like it? I love it. My design work was done by the amazing Jess Buckley, a design student from the states. I've followed Jess's blog for a long time and it was great to get to know her a bit whilst she was helping me out, she was uber friendly in emails and extremely open to my ideas and criticism. I've also added pages to my blog including a 101 Things In 1001 Days page which I'm very excited about(I haven't actually finished the list of 101 things but shhh). I'm hoping that this makes my blog a lot more interesting and will give people more to look at. 

Once again I would like to thank everyone so much for following and commenting on my blog. I would also love some feedback about my new design and the new pages I've added(links in the sidebar). And you should go and check out Jess's blog, it's fantasic.

Just to finish of this post I thought I'd add this funny little picture from one of my favourite tumblr blogs because I just feel a post isn't complete without a picture.

Thank you all again so much.

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