A Little Trip To Lush

Thursday, 26 July 2012
On Saturday I popped into lush with my friend Sarah to check out their new make-up range, Emotional Brilliance, which you've probably heard about already. Most Lush stored held some sort of event on Friday night, I'm not sure if the Livingston store had an event and if they did I wasn't invited. I signed up in the shop to become a Lush VIP so I'll get updates about future events.
 Now this isn't Lush's first make up range, their first make up range was discontinued and everyone has been waiting for this one. It consists of two parts; Emotional Brilliance and Desert Island. Desert Island consists of products that the Lush team thought were essentials, aka what you'd want on a desert island, things like powders and mascaras. Emotional brilliance consists of little colour pots that can be eye liners, eye shadows or lipsticks. I didn't really pay much attention to the Desert Island range however.

The Emotional Brilliance range was set up in a wheel. You closed your eyes whilst someone spun the wheel and when you opened your eyes you were to pick the 3 that stood out to you the most. These colours supposedly represented your focus, subconscious want and your talent. Which is a load of crap but still a bit fun. In the photos below the first are my colours and the second Sarah's.

The sales people in lush are always so so nice. I was already wearing make up but the sales woman helping us out, I don't know her name but she had pretty damn cool tattoos, put eye liner and lipstick on my friend Sarah and she looked fab. I really wanted to buy some make up but I didn't have enough money on me as I'm trying not to spend. But I picked up the Think Pink bath bomb as I wanted to buy something because the sales woman was so nice. Which is a really bad reason to part with your money but oh well.

I was looking at the red lipstick's but then the sales woman pointed out perspective, a very neutral mauvey colour, as she thought it would go well with my skin tone. I was a bit unsure about it but I tried it on and absolutely loved it. Unfortunately I didn't have enough money on me to buy it but it's definitely on my to buy list. It's a bit expensive at £14.50 but it lasted so well and the colour isn't what I usually wear.
Photo taken from the Lush website.

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