LUSH Karma Bubble Bar Review

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

What LUSH Have To Say

A Karma bath is like a trip to a festival in a VW Camper Van; it will last all day and is full of smells, daydreams and anticipation of excitement to come.Are you a Karma, Karma, Karma, Karma, Karma chameleon? Do you blend into the background of same predictable scents or does Karma help you stand out and be different? If you’re a fan of this fragrance then we’ve made a whole Karma range for you - Karma soap, Karma Komba, Karma Kream, and Karma perfume!

What I Have To Say
I absolutely love the Karma scent. I have a few sample sizes of the soap that I've been keeping in my drawers so all my clothes smell nice. I've also tried on the solid perfume whilst mooching around the shop and absolutely loved it. So obviously the bubble bar was a must-try or me. The scent of  this is very relaxing and quite citrusy. Imagine some orange incense sticks and that's kind of what it smells like.

As you can see from the picture above I didn't get too many bubbles from the bubble bar. But I'm going to blame this on the water pressure in my house. It takes absolutely ages to run a bath so I don't usually use bubble bars as they're harder to use with slow running water. It has improved a bit after we had some work on the boiler done which is what made me try this out. I was actually quite impressed by the amount I got this time considering past attempts. I'm sure if you have better water pressure it would create a much better quantity of bubbles.

This turned the bath a very lovely orangey-gold colour and the scent was quite strong, not nauseatingly strong but nice strong. I found that the scent stayed on my skin for quite a while as well which was great considering how much I love the karma scent. One of the downsides I've found with quite a lot of lush products is that they often have a lot of glitter in them. I know a lot of people go crazy for glitter but it kind of annoys me, I'm not one for an overload of sparkles. This bubble bar has no glitter in it so that gets a massive thumbs up from me.

Overall I really liked this bubble bar, it's definitely made it onto my lush favourites. I'd definitely recommend it  and will be re-purchasing. Have you ever tried this? If you have then what did you think of it?

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