Sunset Ombre Nail Tutorial

Friday, 20 July 2012
Hey girls, today's post is a tutorial for sunset themed ombre nails. Ombre and dip-dye are huge trend this summer and I think nails are a great alternative to those who don't want to go as "out there" with their fashion or hair. I really think the yellow and orange complement each other well but I have seen ombre nails with contrasting colours before and they looked just as great. Of course you can use whatever colours you want, this is just a suggestion.
 You'll Need:
A base coat
A darker colour(I used Avon's orange creamsicle)
A lighter colour(I used Avon's sunshine)
A top coat
Some sponge(tip: cut a smaller bit of sponge out of a larger sponge, it makes it so much easier to handle)
 Step 1
Paint on your base coat and then two coats of your darker polish.
 Step 2
Pour some of the lighter polish onto a sticky note(or any piece of paper) and then dab the sponge onto the end of your nails, pressing more lightly as you go up the nail to create a faded effect.
Step 3
Wait until the lighter polish is mostly dry and then apply your top coat. This helps smudge the polishes together a little and makes everything smooth out.

Wah-la! Your ombre nails are complete, pretty easy huh? I want to try this out with a few more colour combinations, I think pink and purple would look really cool. If you try these then let me know, also if you have any ombre nail posts already on your blog then let me know as I'd love to read them.

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