Week In Photos #14

Sunday, 1 July 2012
New skincare / Pizza / Nails / Physics revision / Crappy book / Lush bath / Decent book / Stir fry / Packing for my dad's / Surprising the head teacher who's leaving 

I'm writing this post on Thursday night, I'm leaving to go stay with my dad in Telford(I live near Edinburgh) and I'm pretty sure he doesn't have wifi. So I'm scheduling all posts until Saturday the 7th. This week has been my last week at school before summer and I'm ready for a break. It's been my head teacher's last week at our school ever, it'll be sad to see him go! He's been the head teacher of my school since the year I was born!

As for reading this week I read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho(not photographed but pretty good), Being by Kevin Brooks(load of crap) and Slam by Nick Hornby(not his best but still pretty good). I also took out a few books from the school library that I'm really excited to read including Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451.

I hope everyone else has had a great week, I won't be able to comment as much on other people's blog posts as much as I'll only have mobile internet and haven't worked out scrolling on mibile internet blogger yet. But I'll be replying to comments on my posts as know how to do that(technology goddess). Also check out Let's Get Gold on ITV on Thursday at 9pm, my boyfriend is going to be on it!

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How has your week been? 

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