Week In Photos #17

Sunday, 22 July 2012
Ombre nails / Out for a walk / On a see-saw thing / Films of the week / Lucky charms
Nandos / Lcky charms / Nicest muffin ever / New specs / Bliss
Origami heart / Bunny / Waterstone's order / Lush's emotional brilliance / Book of the week

This week has been pretty awesome, and I have lots of photos to show for it. Monday was pretty relaxing, I took my granny to the garden centre and then had my usual spinal alignment appointment. My chiropractor is from the states and he got his brother to bring me a box of Lucky Charms when he came over to visit him after I told him how expensive they are. How nice is that? On Tuesday a friend and I took her little sister to the park, I think we had more fun than she did!

A friend from out of town came through to Livingston on Wednesday and we had a lovely lunch in Nandos and a mooch around the shops. I didn't buy anything though(trying to save up). Thursday was just a nice relaxing day spent watching House with my boyfriend. Had a nice day out with some friends and my boyfriend on Friday where we totally demolished a box of 20 chicken nuggets. Yesterday I popped down to Lush with my friend Sarah to check out their Emotional Brilliance make up range. It was really cool and the sales women were so nice to us. I plan on putting a post up next week about it.

I've only managed to read one book so far this week and I'm not even finished it yet! I'm a bit disappointed  in myself for that. But I plan to finish Crossed by Allie Condie today. I also plan to go back to school shopping(-grumbles-) with my mum and sister today and then chill out and finish off season 1 of House with my boyfriend.

I have a great week planned for next week, I'm doing a course at Heriot-Watt University. The course is designed for high school pupils that want to go into the science field but are a bit unsure what they want to do. I've signed up for workshops in biology, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, physics and psychology but they can't guarantee  that I'll get my first choices. I also plan to go see The Dark Knight Rises and get a crochet lesson from a friend's mum.

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What have you gotten up to this week?

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