August Favourites

Thursday, 30 August 2012
Where has August gone?! I know I always say this but it's gone so quickly. It's crazy thinking that we're already 2/3s of the way through the year. Next thing we know it'll be Christmas! The high points of August have been receiving my exam results and getting a part time job at a local aquatic pet shop. I also went back to school which hasn't gotten too difficult yet but it's really tired me out. My dad also moved back to Scotland! I don't know if I've talked about this on my blog but when I was about 10 my dad moved to Telford, near Birmingham, to be with his girlfriend. They split up(I never really liked her anyway) and he's moved back which is crazy to think about. I can't wait to see what September has to bring.

The Urban Decay Naked Palette was a present from my mum for passing my exams and I absolutely love it. It's a cult favourite on the blogosphere and it's easy to understand why. All of the 12 shades are such nice colours and there some great colour combos to make.  They apply really well and I really like the brush that comes with it.

Lush's Breath Of Fresh Air Toner Water was something that I'd never given a second glance until I got to try it out at a Lush facial event I went to with a friend. This is absolutely brilliant. I'd never really used a toner before and now I can't understand why. This contains lots of lovely ingredients like seaweed which make it smell amazing and keep my oil at bay.

Urban Decay's Primer Potion was a product that came with the Naked palette and they are the perfect pair. I've never had anything that kept my eye shadow on for this long without creasing. I apply my eye shadow at about half seven every morning and you can bet that it's still there at nine at night. Brilliant.

Revlon's Lip Butter in Pink Truffle is one of the lip butter's that I feel really doesn't get spoken about enough. This is an absolutely amazing 'my lips but better colour' that's been a staple for me through out August. This applies quite sheer and has a nice glossy finish that isn't too sticky. Admittedly the lasting power  isn't too fantastic but I don't think it's that bad for a sheer lipstick.

Avon's Little Red Dress Mascara is a product that I've already reviewed on my blog. You can find my review with before and after pictures here.

What do you think about me using a crocheted blanket as a background for the photo? I've seen people do it with vintage floral printed bed sheets but A) I don't have any and B) With a minimalist black and white themed bedroom a floral bed wouldn't exactly look great so there's not much point in me buying some anyway.

Now onto blogs I've been loving this month...

Daily Hoot it is a great blog run by a fabulous girl called Vicky. I found this blog through the #bbloggers chat on twitter, for more info click here. The posts are mostly beauty posts but Vicky also completed the 10 Day You Challenge and has inspired me do do it myself(I plan to get the posts up after all my 'August' posts). The posts are all super well written and informative. Despite the fact that there's a five year age gap between me and Vicky she's someone I can imagine myself being friends with if I knew her in real life and she didn't live very far away. You can find Vicky's blog here.

Hannahjustyne is another blog I've discovered in August and absolutely love. Hannah posts great beauty and fashion posts as well as some of the best nail posts I've ever seen. Check out her galaxy nails and you'll know what I mean! Hannah herself is really lovely and I love reading her posts, she's a very regular instagram updater too. You can find Hannah's blog here.

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LUSH Think Pink Bath Bomb Review

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

What Lush Have To Say

We love using it every day – but it really comes into its own on those days when what you need is a tub of ice cream and a rom-com. So don’t cry on the stairs with a bottle of Absolut – instead lie in the bath and let our absolutes wrap you in a big pink hug. At Lush we spend most of our winter months inventing products. But we dream of Summer! Often that yearning shows through in the things we are making. On this occasion we were taking the advice from the song Think Pink, from the Audrey Hepburn film, Funny Face. The reassuring smell of tonka and vanilla, with a hit of neroli lifts you up; all wrapped in a pink and frivolous ballistic to stop you taking yourself too seriously.

What I have To Say

This bath bomb smells absolutely amazing, really sweet and girly. However, after it had dissolved in the bath the scent practically disappeared. I could hardly smell it whilst in the bath never mind on my skin afterwards. This fizzed pretty quickly which I like because I'm a pretty impatient person. There are little bits of heart shaped confetti that come out of the bath bomb and spread around your bath. At first I thought these were little bits of undissolved bath bomb and spent ages trying to crush them! Stupid Hayley. I guess this could either be a positive or a negative depending on what you like really. Personally I found them a bit annoying as they didn't all drain out the bath with the water and I had to pick them all off the sides etc. At £2.50 it's one of the cheaper bath bombs which is good, I think some of them can be a bit too expensive.


To be honest I was pretty disappointed with this product. I loved the scent but it just didn't stick around. It's not that it's a bad product though. Everyone has their preferences and this just doesn't match mine. I won't be repurchasing this bath bomb but I'll definitely be trying out other ones from Lush.

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Note: Sorry about the size of the font in this post, blogger is acting up and I can't get it to go to my normal font size.


Week In Photos #22

Sunday, 26 August 2012
I got the Naked palette! / Crappy nail polish / First letter from my pen pal / Back to school
Cinema / Throwing out last year's student ID / Pizza toast / Hilarious book

I've not really got much to show this week as I've been back at school and working Saturday and Sunday. Although I do have a work related story to tell you. I served the CREEPIEST man ever today at work. He was so rude, no please or thank you. We have a dog in the store and she runs and hides whenever he comes  in and doesn't come out 'til he's gone. And Penny doesn't normally move for anyone unless biscuits are involved!

I've been reading How To Be A Woman by Caitlin Moran which is absolutely hilarious, I nearly laughed out loud in study skills a couple of times!

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Avon Little Red Dress Mascara Review

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Sorry about the photo, I always find mascara hard to photograph.
About a month or two ago I ordered Avon's Little Red Dress mascara out of their sale catalogue as it was only £2.99 and I needed a new mascara. I'm glad to say that I was pleasantly surprised. When I first took the wand out I laughed at it(that's what she said), the bristles are tiny and practically non existent. However, after applying it for the first time I was very impressed, it really defined my lashes, especially the bottom ones.
 When it comes to mascara I don't like anything too noticeable. I like it when people ask me if I'm wearing mascara. My ideal mascara defines and lengthens the lashes without clumping or giving the 'spider legs' effect, nice but natural. I'm glad to say that this mascara ticks all of the boxes.
 As you can see in the picture above my lashes are already quite dark but short. In the picture below I've applied one coat of mascara. As you can see my eyelashes look a lot longer and fuller. Overall I'm really impressed with this mascara and it was a £2.99 well spent.

Avon cosmetics are available online here or from a local representative.

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Room Tour

Thursday, 23 August 2012
I'm a nosy bugger. There, I said it. I love to read posts that let me have a little nosy into someone's life. It doesn't matter if it's a 'What's In My Make Up Bag' or a 'Week In Photos' post, if I get to understand a little bit more about the writer then I love to read it. Now I'm not going to accuse anyone of anything but I'm sure a lot of my readers are the same. So I'm going to show you around my humble abode.
This is the view that you get when you first come into my room. The wallpaper is from B&Q and the drawers are from IKEA.
This is my desk, like most of my bedroom furniture it's from IKEA. I've been meaning to paint the mirrors to that they're either black or white and make some bunting to hang from them but I haven't because I'm lazy. My make up bag is from Cutie House on Cockburn Street in Edinburgh.
Now onto my favourite part of the room my book shelf. The shelf is from IKEA(surprise).
This is my Univeral Declaration of Human Rights poster, it tells you the 30 articles of human rights. I like to read this when I'm feeling down as it's the perfect reminder of how small my problems really are.
This is everything I keep on my chest of drawers. I currently have some exam cards on here as well but I took them off so you could see everything else. I love to burn incense sticks, the one you can see at the minute is jasmine, it smells lovely. That empty photo frame is from Boots, I bought it in the sale after Christmas and still don't have a photo I want to put in it.
My bedside table. Between my bed and my table I keep whatever I'm crocheting and my bag. I also keep my guitar folder behind my bed, it has all the sheet music for songs I can play. I've just realised that I've not actually photographed my guitar, it's an Epiphone Ebony Dove and I love it. I've named it Slyvia. Please tell me that you've also named an inanimate object.
 This is the little table at the end of my bed. I keep books I want to read here and my mini sewing kit.
And lastly my TV, the shelf is from B&Q and I really like it because it's a floating shelf. To the right are DVDs I've borrowed from people and some of my NCIS box sets.

So that's my room. If you have a similar post then link it to me in the comments, I'd love to read it.

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Week In Photos #21

Sunday, 19 August 2012
Heavy rain in the thunderstorm / Granny squares / Hot chocolate 
Book of the week / Bath time / New Lush goodies

It's been a great last week to the summer holidays. I had a great day with my boyfriend on Tuesday, just chilling and watching Grey's Anatomy. I took a little trip to a near by town with my gran on Wednesday and finally sent out my first letters to my new pen pals, very exciting. I was working yesterday and after my shift I went over to my boyfriend's house and his dad made us an amazing curry.

Today I headed down to Lush with my friend Rachel for a facial workshop. It was great. We got to try out lots of products suited to our skin types for free and the woman helping us out, Vikki, was sooooo nice and friendly. I picked up a small bottle of the toner she used on me and a bubble bar, reviews to come soon!

I go back to school on Tuesday so next week will be a little hectic. I guess I'll have to enjoy my last day of freedom tomorrow. Also I'd just like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has helped me reach 200 followers, it means so much to me!

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Guest Post - Topshop Lips: Beguiled

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Hello! This is my first guest post and Hayley is kind enough to let me do it on her blog!
My name is Vicky and my blog is if you want to take a look. I mainly blog about beauty because I just love it so I’m going to write something beauty related.

I’m going to talk about a recent lipstick purchase. I’ve only just started wearing lipstick. I only own 2, Barry M’s Pink Suede and Rimmel’s Lasting Finish Lipstick in One of a Kind. Lipstick can give any basic make up look a different feel depending on the shade you go for and that’s why I love it! I’ve loved the Topshop shade’s for a while and read lots of good things about them on blogs so I bought one for myself. I had my eye on Innocent which I looked at online and it looked a lovely dull baby pink shade but when I tried it in the shop it was just a bit too pink for me so I ended up buying Beguiled.

It is this gorgeous shade of dark pink/red. I thought I would go for a different, more bold shade to what I already have for when I’m feeling a bit more brave! I tried this colour on my hand in the store and loved it. However when I applied it to my lips once I got home, I was a bit over whelmed!

 It is a lot more pink based than I had thought and it is very bright on the lips. I still really like it, it’s very different to the shades I would normally wear so I’m just not used to it! I think until I get a bit more brave! Until then I will maybe apply it with a brush so the colour isn’t quite as heavy and there is just a subtle hint of it. I also think the texture of the Topshop lipsticks is quite dry so I would have to wear a clear lip gloss over it I think.

Do you like Topshop’s Lipsticks? What are you favourite shades?

Black heart (cards)

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Note from Hayley
If you would like to guest post on my blog feel free to send me a tweet or an email.

Banoffee Cupcakes Recipe

Thursday, 16 August 2012
I made these cupcakes with my little sister and they were sooooo good. I'm gutted that the recipe only made 9. I can see us making another batch sometime soon. I just had to share the recipe with you guys, normally I'm not the biggest fan of cupcakes(don't shoot be I just don't like frosting) but I really loved these. The recipe is also really easy to follow which is great if you're cooking with kids.

100g S/R Flour
100g Softened Butter
100g Light Brown Sugar
2 Eggs
1 Mashed Banana
150ml Double Cream
Grated Chocolate
Toffee Sauce
Banana Slices

1. Heat oven to gas mark 5.
2. Cream sugar and butter together.
3. Add eggs and flour. 
4. Gently fold in mashed banana.
5. Spoon into cases and cook for 20-25 minutes or until golden brown.
6. After allowing the cakes to cool whip up the cream and pipe it on.
7. Decorate with the toffee sauce, banana slices and grated chocolate.
8. Enjoy!

What's your favourite cupcake recipe?


An Edinburgh Adventure

Tuesday, 14 August 2012
On Friday I took a trip into Edinburgh with my friends Elen, Jordan and Caitlin. As you may already know it's festival season in Edinburgh at the minute. This means that the place is packed, people are constantly handing you leaflets and there are performers in the middle of the street. Despite the fact that it's almost impossible to get two seats together on the train there I love the town at this time of year, it just feels so alive. I love 'city tour' posts so I thought I'd share the photos I took with you.

Can't go to Edinburgh without messing about in the comic book store.

Scott Monument

My first ever try at frozen yoghurt.

Olympic rings

Yeah Hayley just close your eyes it's cool

Escapee from Edinburgh Zoo

Princes St. Gardens

Have you ever been to Edinburgh?

Week In Photos #20

Sunday, 12 August 2012
Exam results / Finished my first crocheted blanket / Gifts from Egypt
Frozen yoghurt / Olympic rings / BBQ

Hello everyone, this week has been great but I don't have many photos to show for it. I finally got my exam results and if I do say so myself I done amazingly well. And after watching John Green's video I'm really excited to go back to school and hopefully get really great results next year too. I went out to celebrate 3 times: a meal with my friends; a meal with my family and a party. So I've been pretty busy.

I had a great day out on Edinburgh with my friends Elen, Caitlin and Jordan which I plan on blogging about soon but there's some spoiler pics here. I love Edinburgh in the festival seasons, it's so busy and just feels so alive. The atmosphere is great. I also tried frozen yoghurt for the first time from Tutti Frutti on Princes street and it was really yummy.

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FOTN & Exam Results

Wednesday, 8 August 2012
Today I'm sharing a make up look with you, last night to celebrate our exam results a few friends and I went to Nandos to celebrate our exam results. It was a great night, the food such good as always and we were all so relieved to finally have our results and that we hadn't failed everything. I tried to keep my make up subtle but still nice and not too boring.

No7 Stay Perfect Smoothing & Brightening Eye Base
Sleek Palette in Storm
No7 Amazing Eyes Liquid Liner
Barry M Kohl Pencil in White
Avon Little Black Dress Mascara
Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer in Fair 
Elf  Pressed Powder in Ivory
YSL Cream Blush in Velvety Peach
Revlon Lip Butter in Pink Truffle

Now onto the exam results. I signed up to get my results by email and text, I know the traditional thing to do is wait for the post but honestly I don't really care. I'm a worrier and I knew that I'd be super stressed about getting the results so I opted for the way that would get them to me the quickest. I was so so so so happy when I read my email and found out that I got 7 1s and an A, the best marks I could have possibly gotten. I really wasn't expecting to get a 1 in maths as the exam was pretty hard. It was 7am when I got my email and just had to go wake everyone else in the house up to let them know. I'm so pleased with my results!

Did you get your results yesterday as well? If so what did you get?

Week In Photos #19 & Guest Bloggers Wanted

Monday, 6 August 2012
Nails / New dress / Double rainbow / Give away prizes 
Dinner at my favourite Chinese / Home made jaffa cakes / I made a bracelet! / New shoes

Hello! This has been quite a busy week for me and I've been wishing it away as tomorrow I get my exam results! My last exam was on June 1st so I just want to know what I've gotten already. I was staying at my gran's house most of the week which was great as I love spending time with her.

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And on the guest bloggers note, I really want to start having guest posts regularly on my blog. I'm thinking every second Saturday or maybe even every Saturday depending on how well received they are. If you'd be interested, I hope people are, then comment below or email me/tweet me. I think my blog is pretty much a mish mash of everything really so I'm willing to give full artistic license to you as long as you have photos that are good enough to be enlarged to the extra large setting. Hope you all are interested!

I Won A Give Away!

Saturday, 4 August 2012
 Hello! As a few of you may know Seonaid's blog, Beauty and Baggage, recently turned 1 year old. To celebrate Seonaid held a give away every day for a week. I won day four's prize, 3 Wet n Wild trios. I was so excited to have won as I've never won a give away before. My prize came the day after Seonaid posted, major brownie points to the postal services for that. The trios I won are Walking On Eggshells, I'm getting Sunburned and I Got Good Jeans. I haven't worn any of them yet as they came today and I'm scheduling this post but I'm super excited to. I can't comment on the wear of these shadows but I will share my initial reactions and swatches.
Walking On Eggshells was the trio I was most excited about. It's pretty well known in the blogosphere, I like that word. I can see myself wearing all of these colours a lot as they are very neutral but still very pretty. 

I also really love the colours in this trio, I'm Getting Sunburned. I think the eyelid and crease colour will go together amazingly. I don't actually own a pink eye shadow so I can't wait to see what I can get up to with the brow bone colour. Look at the swatch of the crease colour below, it's so pigmented!

Now the first thing I thought when I saw this trio, I Got Good jeans, was 'if Ravenclaw house had a palette, this would be it'. I just couldn't help myself. I'm a total Harry Potter dweeb and a proud Ravenclaw. Ravenclaw's colours are bronze and blue and this trio has gold and blue but still! I can't wait to see what house pride inspired looks I can create with this.

I would just like to say a massive big thank you to Seonaid for sending me these products. I absolutely love her blog, you all should go and check it out!