Wednesday, 1 August 2012

July Empties

Hey everyone, it's that time again. Empties time. I cannot believe July is over already, I know everyone always says this but where has this year gone? August will bring a lot for me though so I'm quite excited. My exam results come in on the 7th, I'm not sure when English people get their results, but good luck to everyone else waiting for theirs. I also go back to school on the 21st which I'm kind of looking forward to but also dreading.
My empties bag was rather full this month, no pun intended. Probably because my mum's done some work on her en suite shower so I've gotten all of her odds and ends shower products.
 Lush Cupcake Fresh Face Mask
Absolutely loved using this product, really lovely and my skin's gone a bit mental now that I've stopped using it. I have a review of this that you can read here. I would repurchase this but I want to try out a few more face masks first as Lush ones are a bit expensive.
 No7 Beautiful Skin Face Wipes
Oh. My. God. These are the best face wipes ever. At full price of £7 they are ridiculously expensive but if you're armed with a £5 off No7 voucher then they're only £2, what a bargain. The little lid on this keeps all the moisture in so these work so well at taking make up off. They're also really smooth and don't scratch my face up. Would definitely repurchase with a voucher but not at £7. 
 Alberto Balsam Blueberry Shampoo
As I've mentioned on my blog before I hate using 'expensive shampoos' as they just make my hair really greasy. So Alberto Balsam is my favourite brand for shampoos. The blueberry scent is my all time favourite, green apple being a close second. Not much else to say really, cheap and cheerful shampoo that I definitely plan on repurchasing.
 Alberto Balsam Coconut and Lychee Conditioner
Another lovely smelling Alberto Balsam product. Not the best conditioner but it does an ok job. Smells absolutely amazing though. I'd repurchase but there are conditioners I prefer.
 Good Things Miracle Mattifier Moisturiser
As you can see I actually cut up the tube of this so that I could get the most out of this product. I absolutely love this moisturiser, a total holy grail product. I got this tube for Christmas, even though this is a little more expensive on the high street moisturiser price scale a little goes a long way and it's definitely worth it. Like all Good Things products this smells absolutely amazing. The only downside to this product is that there is no SPF in it so I have to wear sun cream on sunny days over the top, ruining the mattifying effect. I've already repurchased this product.
Vo5 Nourish Me Truly Conditioner
I quite liked this conditioner, I only used it 2/3 times as there wasn't much left when my mum put it in my shower but it didn't do anything horrible to my hair. I found the packaging to be a real pain in the butt though so I won't be repurchasing. 
 Herbal Essences Dazzling Shine Conditioner
This is my all time favourite conditioner, makes my hair silky and smooth and really shiny. I find that when using this I get a lot of compliments from people saying that they really like my hair and that it looks so glossy and healthy. Holy grail product for me, I've already repurchased but in the 400ml bottle. It's huge!
 Boots Ultra Strengthening Nail Hardener
Really enjoyed using this as a base coat, it really improved the condition of my nails and stopped polishes from staining them. Unfortunately it's gotten to the point where the brush can no longer reach the product no matter what angle I hold it at so it's bye-bye for this little guy(poet and I did't know it). Would repurchase this but I want to try a few more base coats first.
Nivea Pore refining Day Cream
I received this sample in a magazine a while ago and decided to try it when my skin was really dry(I normally have oily skin). Personally I didn't get on with this, when I rubbed it onto my skin little balls of dead skin came off and it was just really weird and I had to wash my face again. Definitely not purchasing full size.
Collection 200 Super Size Mascara
I done a review of this a while ago which you can read here. I liked this mascara but when I wore it on my bottom lashes it smudged onto my under eye skin and made me look all panda eyed. So I started using it only on my top lashes with another mascara on my bottom lashes. This was a bit of a pain so I probably wouldn't repurchase.
17 Maximum Volume Mascara
This was the mascara I was using on my bottom lashes and I really like it. It defined all my lashes and didn't make them look like spider's legs, always a bonus! It didn't smudge under my eyes like the Collection 2000 one did. However I've noticed that this is no longer for sale. I'm not sure if it's been completely discontinued or if it's been re-named. I have emailed Boots to find out though.

That's everything I used up in July, if you have an empties post up then feel free to link it below as I love reading them. 

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