LUSH Think Pink Bath Bomb Review

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

What Lush Have To Say

We love using it every day – but it really comes into its own on those days when what you need is a tub of ice cream and a rom-com. So don’t cry on the stairs with a bottle of Absolut – instead lie in the bath and let our absolutes wrap you in a big pink hug. At Lush we spend most of our winter months inventing products. But we dream of Summer! Often that yearning shows through in the things we are making. On this occasion we were taking the advice from the song Think Pink, from the Audrey Hepburn film, Funny Face. The reassuring smell of tonka and vanilla, with a hit of neroli lifts you up; all wrapped in a pink and frivolous ballistic to stop you taking yourself too seriously.

What I have To Say

This bath bomb smells absolutely amazing, really sweet and girly. However, after it had dissolved in the bath the scent practically disappeared. I could hardly smell it whilst in the bath never mind on my skin afterwards. This fizzed pretty quickly which I like because I'm a pretty impatient person. There are little bits of heart shaped confetti that come out of the bath bomb and spread around your bath. At first I thought these were little bits of undissolved bath bomb and spent ages trying to crush them! Stupid Hayley. I guess this could either be a positive or a negative depending on what you like really. Personally I found them a bit annoying as they didn't all drain out the bath with the water and I had to pick them all off the sides etc. At £2.50 it's one of the cheaper bath bombs which is good, I think some of them can be a bit too expensive.


To be honest I was pretty disappointed with this product. I loved the scent but it just didn't stick around. It's not that it's a bad product though. Everyone has their preferences and this just doesn't match mine. I won't be repurchasing this bath bomb but I'll definitely be trying out other ones from Lush.

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