Week In Photos #19 & Guest Bloggers Wanted

Monday, 6 August 2012
Nails / New dress / Double rainbow / Give away prizes 
Dinner at my favourite Chinese / Home made jaffa cakes / I made a bracelet! / New shoes

Hello! This has been quite a busy week for me and I've been wishing it away as tomorrow I get my exam results! My last exam was on June 1st so I just want to know what I've gotten already. I was staying at my gran's house most of the week which was great as I love spending time with her.

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And on the guest bloggers note, I really want to start having guest posts regularly on my blog. I'm thinking every second Saturday or maybe even every Saturday depending on how well received they are. If you'd be interested, I hope people are, then comment below or email me/tweet me. I think my blog is pretty much a mish mash of everything really so I'm willing to give full artistic license to you as long as you have photos that are good enough to be enlarged to the extra large setting. Hope you all are interested!

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