Thursday, 20 September 2012

10 Day Challenge: 2 Songs

2 Songs

1. Sunbeams and Custard Creams by Jill Jackson. This is my happy song. I absolutely love Jill Jackson and her music is just so amazing. She really doesn't get the credit she deserves and isn't as popular as she should be. The lyrics to this song are so cute, I want Jill to be my girlfriend! Might ask her to marry me if I ever get the privilege to meet her in real life. I can also play this on guitar and it's pretty easy to play.

2. Thank You For The venom by My Chemical Romance. My Chem are my all time favourite band and have been since I was in primary school. I'd have to say this is my favourite song that they've done. One of those ones you can put on, sing word perfect and dance around to.

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