Wednesday, 12 September 2012

10 Day You Challenge: 10 Secrets

Hello everyone! I've seen other bloggers doing this challenge and I really enjoy reading the posts. I think being able to tell what a blogger is like really improves the reading experience. Sometimes I don't think that I portray my personality enough over my blog so I though this would be a great way for your all to get to know me.

10 Secrets

1. I have a really bad fear of ice, about two years ago I fell near the back gate of my school and gave myself some mild concussion. Now the back gate of my school is generally where the smokers hang out so it was really great fun having 12 year old smokers laugh at me whilst I bled and cried. I love winter but I'm dreading having to walk on ice again, I actually started crying walking to school last year because I was so scared.

2. Most people don't know about my blog. I mean I have it linked on my twitter and everything but only a handful of friends have mentioned it to me and none of my family know. I guess I just feel like a lot of people would think it's really shallow.

3. I've been boycotting Nestle for nearly four years now because I don't agree with their ethics. You can Google this for more information if you want. Sometimes I hate admitting this to people, especially people's parents as they always kick up a huge fuss about it.

4. ^Ditto KFC.

5. I think I have food related anxiety. I hate hate hate eating at other people's house or going to a restaurant  if I haven't seen the menu first. It's probably because I'm a really picky eater. I had been out with my boyfriend for 5 months before I first had dinner at  my boyfriend's house, it's that bad!

6. I'm really, really scared that I won't get into uni. No one in my family has ever gone before and I really want to be the first one to go. I'm not 100% sure what I want to do so I'm also kind of scared that I'll make a bad decision and end up on a course I hate.

7. My boyfriend's not very romantic and sometimes I listen to love songs and pretend that the person is singing to me. Keeps me from being in a mood with him.

8. I got my ass kicked in primary school once. Last time I ever followed my mum's advice. Since when did 'tell her to leave you alone' ever work for anyone?

9. I like to make up little scenarios in my head where I am so much cooler than I am in real life. For example, Russian secret agent, pro ice skater and Harry Potter's long lost sister.

10. I was expecting to get 6 1s a 2 and an A for my standard grades. I actually got 7 1s and and A which is great but I actually would have been reaaaaallly disappointed with a 2.

Are you doing this challenge?

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