Monday, 17 September 2012

10 Day You Challenge: 5 Foods

Five Foods

1. Nectarines. I love a good nectarine. When they're just ripe enough to be juicy but not overripe so that the juice goes everywhere. Delicious. They have a similar taste to a peach without the annoying fuzz on the skin. Perfect.

2. Chicken stir fry was the first 'proper' meal that I learnt to cook by myself when I was about 12. Still one of my favourite things to cook because it's quick, easy and I love love love Asian food.

3. Dark chocolate. Dark is my favourite type of chocolate. I know it's not the most popular type but that's fine, more for me! I think it tastes so much smoother and nicer than milk or white chocolate and certainly makes a difference in baking.

4. Leek and potato soup. My mum used to make this for lunch every Friday and it's my all time favourite soup. I make it every Friday and take it to work with me on Saturdays, my co-workers all love it too!

5. Chinese take-out. Chinese is my favourite type of take-out, I've yet to find something I really dislike.

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