Saturday, 8 September 2012

BooHoo Bloggers Challenge

BooHoo Bloggers Challenge

I was recently contacted by Fashion Vouchers about their BooHoo bloggers challenge. The idea is that you design an outfit with clothes from BooHoo and blog about it. The catch? You only have £50 to make your outfit up with, this is actually a lot harder than it sounds. There are four £50 gift vouchers to be won and I really hope I win one!
This is a very simple 'oriental' themed outfit. I absolutely love the dress, it looks so elegant and it's only £15. Bargain! Also a major fan of the shoes, I've seen lots of variations of the suede loafers in places like Topshop and New Look but they never fit my feet right(hello size 8 monster feet), hopefully these beauties would fit.

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