Guest Post: Why Polka Dots Rock

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Hey everyone, don't mind me, I'm stealing a bit of internetz from the lovely Hayley today to talk about polka-dots, super indulgent stuff!  She's super sweet, when she asked me if I could do a guest blog I couldn't say no :)

If you've ever seen my blog/twitter/youtube account, you'll know I love polka dots!  I have a lot of polka stuff and like it for a lot of reasons :)  A little bit about me, I'm a makeup & lifestyle blogger, I've been blogging since January (2012) over at Makeup-Pixi3 - I have a penchant for cats, quorn, sushi, and all things shiny and sparkly :)  So, here's why I love polka dots :)

It's Different
One of the things I love about polka-dots is that it's different.  It's both feminine without being overly girly, they're awesome in so many different colours, and they fit with a really classic look.  A look which as I'm getting older I'm getting more drawn too.  Back in the day, I was what people called 'a mosher', which meant I wore seriously baggy jeans, had a few piercings and loved heavy metal.  I still love heavy metal (although my musical taste has broadened a lot), but I don't wear 'baggies' any more, and sadly, all the piercings are gone :(  

Polka-dots have been around, forever!  They used to be typically found on dresses of flamenco dancers, and if you cast your mind back to pop art and the likes of Lichtenstein he cleverly used them to create works of art in a modern pointillist way :)  All funky stuff.  But now adays, it's adopted a lot by pseudo goth's opting for that 40's retro goth look.  A trimmed sharp fringe, with either black or red hair, often red lips and drawn on eye brows, teemed with 40s style clothes - it's a nice look, not one I could pull off, but I'm definitely feeling the 40s classic style, or is that more the Hepburn look?  I do love a nice red lip, giant Chanel sunglasses and a polka top - it's a classic that'll never die, and what's more, it can be pulled off by most ages.

My Collection
So I have a few polka things in my life, it's still not enough, if I had it my way there'd be a load more!  I've built up a nice collection of polka mugs, which I really love - probably mostly because I collect mugs.  I have a couple of polka dot tops, and my cat has a polka food bowl, which I seriously love :) 

I love it as blogging backgrounds too - everyone has it in different colours to make it personal to them, my colour?  is teal - my usual favs would be black and purple, but I've moved on from that now.  I love love love it on mugs, on plates, on tea light holders, well, hell, everywhere!

Thanks for reading this, hope I didn't bore you too much?  :)  And thanks to Hayley for letting me do this too :)  

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