Lush Amandopondo Bubble Bar Review

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Amandopondo is a strong rose scented bubble bar that creates a really relaxing atmosphere. Lush say that this also smells of lemon, however, I didn't smell any but the smell was lovely all the same. This created quite a lot of bubbles(what you can see below is only half a bar!) and crumbled really easily into the water, sometimes I feel bubble bars don't break up enough. The rose smell wasn't too overpowering like some Lush products can be, instead it was very light yet just 'smelly' enough. I used this bubble bar after a long shift at work and it really helped me unwind. It has a lovely little rose in the middle of it but I took this out because I don't like floaty bits in my bath but I'm sure this would be a big plus for some people.

Overall, I wouldn't say this is one of Lush's most exciting bubble bars but it is one of the most relaxing and would be perfect for people that like bubble baths but find most Lush products to be too overpowering. I really enjoyed using this but I don't think I'll be repurchasing it any time soon simply because there are so many other bubble bars and bath bombs I want to try. Looking forward to using the other half of this though.

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