Week In Photos #25

Sunday, 23 September 2012
Scarf / Matching nails and body butter / Vibrator ad in Company / Ghost Knife Fish
Party / Party / Turtle at work / Finally got work shirts
Became an organ donor / My sister turned 11 / My face / Repeated photo

Hello everyone :) It feels like it's been ages since I done a week in photos post but it's actually only been two weeks! Sorry about not posting one last weekend but I was at my gran's house all weekend and she doesn't have the internet.

I've had a pretty busy week. I was at a party last Sunday night and had Monday and Tuesday off school. I was really sick on Tuesday night(over 10 times) so I actually had Wednesday off too but it wasn't a very enjoyable day. Thursday was my little sister's birthday, happy birthday Abbey! On Friday I went on a trip to the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary to tour their labs and find out more about a career in biomedical science.

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