Week In Photos #26 and 7 Things In 7 Days

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Finished my crocheted blanket / Won a giveaway / Got a new phone cover / And a new CD
Had my hair trimmed and thinned / My favourite spider survived the window cleaner / My mum packed me lunch for work :') / Pimped my pen pal letters

Hello everyone! It's another instagram update post. This week's been pretty busy but very enjoyable. I finally got Jill Jackson's new CD(well it was release in May but y'know)! She's my absolute favourite so I've been listening to it non stop! I also got a new phone case(getting a bit addicted to Amazon here), how cute are the little owls?!

And another funny story from work, a guy phoned up the shop and asked if we have any World Of Warcraft fish tank backgrounds. Just think about that for a minute.

I decided to add a new feature onto my update posts, you may have seen the 7 Things For 7 Days posts started by Sprinkle Of Glitter on another few blogs and I thought I'd share my goals for the week with you:

Pass the physics test- I have a physics test tomorrow and because I'm crashing higher physics I want to pass every test(preferably with a really good mark) to prove to everyone who told me that I'd fail that they're wrong.

Start packing- I'm going to Lanzarote on the 12th of October and I want to be more or less packed by the middle of next week so I'm not totally stressing out the night before.

Find someone to write a guest post for me for the 13th of October- Any takers?

Write all the blog posts for this week and next week- I have a few photos sitting in my documents library that need to have corresponding blog posts written about them.

Decide what aftershave to get Stuart for part of his birthday present- I'm getting him one from The Body Shop, do you have a favourite from there?

Get an envelope for my giveaway prize- I want to have the prize all packed and ready so that when I get home from holiday I can just write a letter to whoever won and sent it to them asap.

Have a date with Stuart- We never really go out a lot as a couple so I'd like to go on a date this week, probably going to drag him to see The Perks Of Being A Wallflower.

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