Week In Photos #30

Sunday, 11 November 2012
Corydora / Condom-esque Christmas decorations in the local centre / Old photo of my grandad
Throwing out all my old vampire books / Kiwi / Snickerdoodles
Friend's party pictures / A fish with more spinal problems with me
Dog at work / Finished my mum's scrap book / Repeat

This week's been a bit weird, one of those weeks that seems to take forever and then when you look back on it you can hardly remember it! I've been pretty busy trying to finish an essay on Heart Of Darkness(still not done) and finish my mum's scrapbook for her birthday(done). I also passed my maths and chemistry tests, only have an English NAB, a physics NAB and a physics test and them I'm done.

On Friday my friend Louise, middle photo, had some people round for her birthday and it was a really good night. I got to bake for it as well(why aren't snickerdoodles popular in the UK?) which is always a plus. I think instead of having a bring your own booze birthday party I'll have a bring your own baking party. Yes that sounds like a good plan to me. 

I had a super weird day at work yesterday. During the week someone brought in a collection of monster fish, there's a silver shark as big as my forearm. It's crazy! And then yesterday someone brought in a massive goldfish with one hell of a spinal curve. I also got bitten by an ant, have you ever been bitten by an ant?! IT HURTS. A lot!

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