Saturday, 24 November 2012

Xmas Party Outfit Blogger Challenge

Xmas Party Outfit Blogger Challenge

Dress / Clutch / Necklace / Shoes

The lovely people over at  Fashion Vouchers are hosting a competition so 3 lucky bloggers can win a £100 online voucher for a store of their choice. All you have to do is go onto a website and choose one of the many stores they have connected to their website. Then you have to make an outfit under a £100 for a Christmas party using clothes from that store only.
I choose Dorothy Perkins and this outfit reaches a grand total of £92. The clutch is on sale and I'm not sure if that's within the rules but even if it was full price at £15 I still wouldn't go over £100 so I think it's OK. I think this is a really cool idea for a competition and if you would like to enter you can find out more about it here.
Wish me luck!
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