An Evening In Glasgow

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Last Friday I headed through to Glasgow to meet two other bloggers, Louise and Morag. The journey started off well: I didn't miss my train, I got on for a child on the train and I managed to read lots of my book on the journey. Then I got to the station and Louise and I realised that we were at different stations. Looking back on it now it was hilarious but at the time I was actually really freaked out, we then arranged to meet at St Enochs, the only place in Glasgow I actually know how to get to. As soon as I met Louise I felt like we had know each other for ages, she's so friendly. We then had a mooch about the shops for a while until Morag was finished work. We were just making our way out of House Of Fraser when we were attached by a ball of fluff, otherwise known as Morag in her bear jacket, which I am very jealous of by the the way! 

Then we headed to Wagamamas for dinner. This was the first time that I had ever been and I ordered the chicken 'firecracker'. The presentation was absolutely beautiful but it was just too spicy for me to handle! I managed to eat about half of it but it was actually painful. It was really tasty but too hot, one hell of a paradox! I really enjoyed my meal but I think next time I go I'll order something else, Louise had a katsu curry and that looked delicious so maybe I'll try that next.

Also, instead of getting us Christmas cards Morag bought Louise and I cards that reminded her of us. I got one with cupcakes on it and it comes with a recipe on the inside. It was so thoughtful, thank you Morag!

Overall, I had an amazing day and I'm so glad that I got to meet Louise and Morag!

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