Lush Cinders Bath Bomb Review

Saturday, 8 December 2012

I used Cinders last year for the first time after picking it up in the 50% off sale after Christmas and absolutely loved it. I was so excited about the Christmas collection this year purely because of this. It took me a while to get round the buying it as I had a lot of Christmas shopping to do but when I was in Edinburgh last weekend I decided that seeing as I had nearly finished all my shopping I deserved to treat myself!

The thing that mainly attracted me to this bath bomb is the scent. This smells so warm, fruity and spicy. To me this is just Christmas in a bath bomb. Unfortunately I think they've changed this product since last year. It just didn't seem to be as strong after it dissolved in the bath and the colour was different as well. Last year this made your bath look like really dehydrated pee. This year it still looked like pee but a bit more hydrated.  Not the most pleasant description but the most accurate.

However, despite this I still love it. The smell is still the same even if it's not as strong and it has popping candy in it which makes it really fun to use. At £2.25 it's one of the cheaper bath bombs and therefore would make a great stocking stuffer. As I've said this is part of the limited edition Christmas range so you should pick one up whilst you can!

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