November Favourites

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Hello everyone! I think this has been the most on time favourites post I've ever had, I'm normally absolutely terrible at it. Be impressed!

Soap & Glory Hand Food - This is an amazing hand cream. It has that 'signature Soap & Glory scent' and you only need the tiniest little bit of this. Working in an aquarium means that my hands are constantly wet and dry out pretty easily. I love coming home from work and using this. I also sometimes put this on before I leave more school and can still smell it on my hands for the first couple of periods.

No7 Cream Blush in Romantic - This is easily one of my favourite blushers. It's such a nice peachy-pink shade and is great for the days where you want a bit of definition on the cheeks but don't want anything too overbearing. The product applies really well(I've been using my fingers, naughty me!) and blends like a dream. I think it shows just how much I love it that I've had it since September and have already hit pan.

Lush Karma Solid Perfume - Karma is my all time favourite scent from Lush so I knew I'd love it as a perfume. This is bright orange but the colour doesn't transfer onto the skin(I was a bit worried about this) and it doesn't leave your skin sticky or greasy. I've heard that the solid perfumes from Lush are getting discontinued so you should get one soon if you were thinking about it.

Natural Sponge - I bought this natural sponge on holiday for a couple of euros and I'm really glad I did. If you've ever felt a natural sponge you'll know that they are insanely soft so I've been using it to remove cleanser. You can find some of these on ebay, they even have ones cut into circles specifically for use on the face.

Johnson's Gentle Eye Make Up Remover - You may remember that I said in my October Favourites that the eye liner I've been using as of late can only be removed using an oil based make up remover and this is what I've been using. It was pretty cheap and it does the job well. I also really enjoy mixing up the oil with the rest of it(child).

I've been following Laura's blog, Call Of Beauty, for a while now and it's one of my all time favourites. She has really great content and I've spoken to her a few times on twitter and she's super lovely. It's also worth mentioning that the blog name is hilarious and that I love the Christmas make over it's recently received.

Jade's blog, Jetley Mess, is another favourite of mine. Jade has a really nice variety through her posts and the photography is really good. She writes really good reviews and I'll give a special mention to her post about DIY wrapping paper. It is such a great idea!

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