Week In Photos #31

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Super bright fish at work / 1 year anniversary with Stuart / Officially panda hat season
My blind broke on me! / My first ever £50 note / Friends
Winter Wonderland from the ferris wheel / Fireworks from the ferris wheel
Group photo / Movember / Advent Calander

This has probably been the best week I've had in a very long time. On Tuesday it was my first year anniversary with Stuart which was very crazy to think about. We were going to go out for dinner but we couldn't agree on a restaurant so we decided to stay in instead. We ordered dominoes(hooray for two for Tuesdays) and watched Grey's Anatomy. I actually think I enjoyed myself more than I would have if we'd gone out, I really just prefer a night in to be honest.

It's also been super cold this week! At my school when the 4th year prelims are on the corridor that connects the two halves of the school is shut so it's a complete and utter pain in the butt that the day they started was the first day of heavy frost. I'm actually really afraid of ice after I had a bad fall about two years ago so I've been very nervous all of this week but I have been enjoying the nice frosty scenery.

On Friday a few friends and I headed to Edinburgh for some Christmas shopping and to visit Winter Wonderland. It was an amazing day. We first went shopping and I got some really nice presents for people(and for myself). I also ran into Georgia from Aushnakilops on YouTube and I said hello to her and we got chatting and it was really cool. Then we headed to Pizza Hut(second pizza in one week, no cares given) and then onto Winter Wonderland. It was raining pretty heavily but that didn't stop us from having a great time. We decided to go on the ferris wheel and as soon as it started the fireworks started going off at Edinburgh castle! It was perfect timing and absolutely beautiful, it made the day.

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