13 Things For 2013

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Hello everyone, this is just a quick post to share my new year's resolutions with you all.

1. Spank the ass off my highers. 
Sorry to put it so bluntly but I really want to do well in my exams this year. I need to study hard, attend every revision class and speak up when I don't understand things. I want a minimum of 3 As and 2 Bs but am aiming for 4 As and a B.

2. Cut down on fizzy juice.
By the end of the year I want to be only drinking fizzy juice rarely, like when I'm out for dinner/lunch or at my gran's house(that's pretty much all she has). I actually really don't like coke or pepsi, I drink them because they're there and that's just not good enough.

3. Fill a jar with good memories.
I want to get a jar and write good memories down and place them in the jar. When I'm feeling down I can go back through them all and it will really cheer me up.

4. Do more outfit posts.
I really want to start featuring my outfits on my blog. I'm aiming to do at least one a month. I know that's not a lot to some people but that's pretty big to me. It would also help if I told some people in my family about my blog so they could take photos for me.

5. Eat more vegetables.
I'm pretty much veg-phobic and this needs to change. For example I only like carrots raw but I hardly ever eat them, how hard is it when I practically have to do nothing to prepare?

6. Keep a diary for the year.
I think this would be really interesting and help me reflect well on the year.

7. Change my blog.
I do love the way my blog looks now but I'd like to tweak it about, I want to make it seem 'cleaner' so that the main focus is the post. Also definitely need to change the photo of me in the sidebar , it's really outdated. I'd also like to start doing a lot more 'life' posts.

8. Go on a date with Stuart at least once a month.
We're too prone to just having nights in together. It's fun getting a bit dressed up and going out for dinner, we need to do it more.

9. Carry on exercising.
At the start of December I started doing the Tone It Up work outs and I've been enjoying it. I also want to invest in a set of dumbbells.

10. Cook more meals from scratch.
I want to start making my own meals, I do it quite a lot already but I want to start making my own sauces as well instead of jars and sachets.

11. Hit 750 followers.
I think this would be an insane goal to reach and it would make me feel so happy and that my blog is actually going somewhere.

12. Grow my hair.
I want my hair down to my boobs for prom!

13. Worry less.
I'm such a worrier, I end up ruining a lot of things for myself just by freaking out over the little things. I just need to calm down.

What are your goals for 2013?

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