Saturday, 26 January 2013

Guest Post: How To Style A Denim Mini Skirt

Outfit One: Add A Chunky Knit
(1) Burgundy Jumper: Newlook (2) Oasis Digital Watch: Hand-me-down (3)Denim Pencil Skirt: Charity Shop (4) Black Patent Loafers: Next/Hand-me-down
This outfit is great for those days when you're not too fussed to 'dress up' and you just want to chuck on a big knit and be done with it! This burgundy jumper adds a subtle 'pop' of colour and is good for those winter days.
Outfit Two: Night Out
(1) Black Lace Leotard: TK Maxx (2) Oasis Digital Watch: Hand-me-down (3)Denim Pencil Skirt: Charity Shop (4) Heeled Boots: TK Maxx
This outfit is more appropriate for the evening due to the heeled boots from TK Maxx that make it just that little extra 'grown up'. This lace leotard can be worn on it's own and I think it looks very glam. You can also pop on a cardigan if you get a bit chilly!

Outfit Three: She Wore Black Velvet 
(1) Black Velvet T-Shirt: Charity Shop (2) Gold Chain: Charity Shop (3) Denim Pencil Skirt: Charity Shop (4) Brown Loafers: River Island/Gift
I think I have a slight hoarding obsession with velvet t-shirts. This outfit is great for school/college/running errands etc. The chain adds an accent of gold and I think, brings out the colour of the buttons a bit more. The loafers are my all time favourite shoes and are super comfortable!

Outfit 4: I Wear Monochrome Because I Like to Pretend I'm French...
(1) Monochrome Dress (worn as a top): Primark/Gift (2) Oasis Digital Watch: Hand-me-down (3)Denim Pencil Skirt: Charity Shop (4) Black Patent Pumps: Primark
I like this outfit because, the collar makes it smarter and appropriate for work.  The hand-me-down oasis watch is my new best friend and adds to the outfit as an accent of gold and the black patents pumps are honestly just for comfort. 

I really hope you like this post! 
Thank you very much to Hayley for giving me this opportunity!
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What's your favourite outfit? I'd love to know!


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