Mac Lipstick - Dubonnet Review With Swatches

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Hello everyone! I've got a pretty exciting review for you all today, my first MAC lipstick. I received this for Christmas from my friends Louise and Rachel(they also have a blog which you can read here) and I'm very pleased with it, we all went to the store and chose a shade each, best decision for Christmas presents ever. 

I decided to go with Dubonnet , a deep red colour. It's an amplified creme finish which means that it's very opaque but quite shiny.  I asked one of the make up artists to apply this for me whilst we were in the store and as soon as I seen it on I knew I had to have it. The colour is absolutely beautiful, it's not your typical bright red and it looks so complimentary with my skin tone. It's a bit more 'vampy' and definitely has some brown tones through it, whilst brown isn't the first colour I'd choose to put on my lips it looks really nice. You can work it up so that it's really dark or you can apply it lightly and add some lip balm for a lighter, more sheer shade. This versatility is a major plus. Dubonnet is a wine based drink so I think the name is very accurate, quite clever too.

The lasting finish of these lipstick are very impressive. I was a bit worried when I had it applied in the store as we were out for the day in Edinburgh and I knew I wouldn't be able to touch it up. We left Harvey Nichols and headed straight to Pizza Hut so I just figured it would rub off with eating and drinking but after our meal it was pretty much perfect! I find that you can get around 5 hours of wear with this with minimal touch ups. It really helps if you apply it and then blot it out with some tissue and re apply it. This also makes the colour a lot deeper.

Now onto the really nitty gritty part, the price. These lipsticks aren't exactly cheap considering that they're £14 but I do think that they are worth it. The lasting power of this is insane compared to any other "drugstore" lipsticks I've tried. I also have a few Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Voluptes because my friend's mum used to work for them and I honestly think that these are a lot better quality, the YSL ones bleed like a mofo!

Overall I'm super impressed with this lipstick and I'm now seriously considering adding another to my collection. At the moment I'm not too sure which one I want to go for although I've been reading a lot of really great reviews of Plumful. Have you tried this lipstick or any other by MAC? If so what's your favourite?

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