Saturday, 12 January 2013

Tag: 50 Things I've Done

I saw this post a while ago on Shannon's blog and really liked it. It's taken me absolutely ages to get round to doing it, mostly because it took me forever to thinks of 50 things I've done that I consider important enough to share! But here we go:

1. I got the highest grade possible for all of my standard grade exams.
2. I started boycotting Nestle at the start of 2009 and have not eaten any of their products since.
3. I rode a bicycle through the lecture theatre of my school during an assembly about the death penalty.
4. I fell off a bicycle in the lecture theatre of my school during an assembly about the death penalty.
5. I completed the race for life in under an hour.
6. I rode a camel on a beach.
7. I got my legs waxed.
8. I've had a piece of my writing published in a local young writers magazine.
9. I attended the Scottish Echelon's Human Triad Assault in the summer of 2010.

10. Tried to shave off parts of my eyebrows when I was younger.
11. I've sewn my own dress, bralet and skirt.
12. I screamed watching The Woman In Black in the cinema.
13. Participated in my school's Robert Burns poetry competition for every year of primary school and finally came 1st in my last year.
14. Dyed my fringe bright blue.

15. Worn a pair of bright green jeans with black stars on them and actually thought they were cool.
16. Seen 2/5 of my favourite bands live.
17. Sat on a drawing pin.
18. Been egged.
19. I've read at least 300 books.
20. I've pretty much over came lactose intolerance.
21. I've had finger removal surgery.
22. I've met one of my favourite YouTubers in real life.
23. I have ridden a horse on the beach.
24. I have considered converting to all of the major religions except Sikhism.
25. I have been in a relationship that's lasted for over a year(and is still going).

26. I tried to talk one of the biology teachers into giving me this preserved bumble bee they have in the department.
27. I started learning guitar.
28. I got caught in a wall of death at my first gig because I had  no idea what was happening.
29. I lived on a farm for a while because our house flooded.
30. I have touched a sheep's heart.
31. Met friends from the internet in real life.

32. Visited the Isle Of Arran more times than I can count.
33. Read all of the Harry Potter books.
34. I have plucked up the courage to wear a pencil skirt to school.
35. Played Slender.
36. Bought a friend a present just because.
37. Gone carol singing.
38. Attended a tumblr meet up.
39. Had a new years kiss.
40. Was part of a choir that came second in a Scottish choir competition during primary school.
41. Got a commendation for PE(PE?!).
42. Read 8 1/2 books on a 7 day holiday.
43. Been bitten by a South American leaf cutting ant.
44. Had a whole week off school because of snow.
45. Crocheted a blanket all by myself.
46. Swam in the ocean wearing my underwear.
47. Got my first job at 15.
48. Actually managed to mess up cooking super noodles!
49. Made marshmallows from scratch.
50. Started a blog in January 2012 and kept it up.

As usual, I'm not tagging anyone in particular just anyone who wants to do it. If you do get round to writing on of these posts or if you already have then send me a link, I'd love to read it.

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