Week In Photos #36

Sunday, 13 January 2013
Nephew / Friends cat

I have failed majorly with the photos for the week. I've been doing so much revision this week that I really haven't had time to do anything worth photographing. I've been trying to do 3 hours per day but when I hit the weekend I failed miserably(so far I've done 1 hour since Thursday) but oh well. I still have two weeks-ish until my prelims start. And they've extended the study leave which is always a plus.

My gorgeous little (step)nephew came up from Penrith to see me on Sunday night. I haven't seen him since he was five weeks old and now he's seven months! He's gotten really big and it was great to get to see him again. Then on Friday I went over to a friend's house with a group of people and we ordered Chinese food. I shared chilli and garlic crispy shredded chicken with my friend Amy and it was delicious. We also watched The Woman In Black, I've seen it before but I was still really scared. There were actually a few times where we all screamed, although that might of just been the atmosphere and not really the movie.

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