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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

A couple of months ago I posted a photo of the Cadburys Oreo chocolate on tumblr and an American follower messaged me about it. We got chatting about things that we wanted to try and arranged to do a swap. We agreed on a budget of $10(which is about £6-7) and went shopping. My package arrived around mid December and I thought I'd post a review of all the lovely things I received now that I've had the chance to nibble through everything.

Trolli Sour Brite Octopuses - We ate these in my chemistry class and they were really good. Can't quite describe the flavour but they weren't too sour and they looked really cool.

Trolli Peachie O's - I took these into my Chemistry class to share(we do a lot of eating). We all really liked these although it's not the most natural peach flavour.

Trolli Sour Brite Eggs - I honestly really didn't like these all that much. I took them into school and we ate them in my Chemistry class, only a few people actually liked them. They were kind of like jelly beans that had the texture of gummy worms.

Pretzel M&Ms - These were really, really tasty. I think they were probably my favourites out of everything I tried and I loved the sweet and savoury combo.

Candy Corn White Chocolate M&Ms - I didn't like these but that's probably because I'm not a massive fan of white chocolate. Not wanting them do go to waste I gave them to my sister who really liked them. 

Peanut Butter M&Ms - I'm not a massive fan of nuts but I did actually really liked these. I shared them with my mum and she really likes peanut butter, she said these are better than the peanut ones we have over here.

Coconut M&Ms - I really liked these. They had the taste of a Bounty bar in the form of an M&M. One of my favourites from the lot.

Jolly Rancher Fruit Chews -  These have the consistency of Hubba Bubba bubble gum but you can actually swallow them. I really liked these, the cherry flavour was my favourite out of the four flavours. I do have the say that the watermelon ones did taste a little too artificial which was a shame.

Snickers - I wasn't a massive fan of this as I don't really like nuts but from what I can tell it was the same as the UK Snickers.

Watermelon Pop Rocks - Like pretty much all popping candies this was really fun to eat. Tasted quite nice as well.

Sour Patch Kids - These are basically little sugar coated jellies shaped like kids. They're supposed to be sour but I didn't think they were that sour, apart from the yellow ones. My favourites were the red and green.

Starburst - Starburst are available in the UK but the American ones are so much better. The flavours are strawberry, cherry, orange and lemon. Remember when UK Starburst used to contain a load of junk but the strawberry ones tasted amazing? The American ones still taste like that.

Strawberry Pop Rocks - Who doesn't love popping candy? The strawberry flavour is really nice but I think there was too much in a packet to eat all at once.

Tropical Pop Rocks - My sister had these and she said they were very nice but didn't taste particularly like 'tropical punch' just fruity in general.

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