Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Birthday Haul

Hello everyone! This post is a little late since it was my birthday on the 20th of January but oh well. It was my 16th birthday, for some reason I always feel a little but uncomfortable sharing my age on my blog. I always find that people expect me to be a lot older than I actually am and don't want people to get put off before even reading my blog because they think I'll be too young and immature. But anyway, I had an absolutely amazing birthday and was completely spoilt rotten by my family, friends and boyfriend.

 My 'main present' is this Kindle Fire HD I received from my mum, stepdad and sister. I absolutely love this to pieces! Might do a blog post on it when I've had it for a while as I'm yet to actually read a book on it!

It's no secret that I love Lush so I was so excited to receive these gift sets. Shiny Happy People contains Buffy, Happy Hippy and Bohemian soap. Out Of This World contains Space Girl and Rockstar soap.

Earrings - New Look
I received these lovely pieces of jewellery from two very good friends, very bohemian(is that the right word?!). 

This candle smells absolutely amazing!

Stuart knows me so well! I love The IT Crowd and have watched all four seasons already.

Also have to give a special mention to this amazing Collage my friends made me. I sit with Rachel, Rachel and Louise in our study periods at school and for weeks they had been sending notes to each other and being very secretive about my birthday present. They made me this absolutely lovely collage and all chipped in and gave me some money as well, what great friends!

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