Tuesday, 19 February 2013

February Wishlist

February Wishlist

Brushes / Bracelet : Topshop / Perfume / Shoes / Top : Topshop / Jeans : Topshop

Hello everyone, I've just realised it's been absolutely ages since I last done a wishlist. I can't tell if this is a good thing or a bad thing because people really like them but at the same time I guess it means I am becoming less materialistic. Anyway, from now on I'm going to try and make them a monthly thing.

1. Real Techniques Starter Set - I got the blush brush for Christmas and I absolutely love it. I really want to add to my collection as I don't have many 'proper' brushes and this set looks amazing. I also like that it comes with a case which would make them easy to store and travel with.

2. Topshop Embellished Bracelet - I used to be really well known for wearing lots of bracelets all at once, at one point I was wearing about 20 on each arm and now I hardly ever wear jewellery that's not earrings. I want to get back into it and I think this bracelet is really beautiful.

3. Marc Jacobs Dot Perfume - I love this perfume. I'm currently trying to use up my perfume collection to downsize it and I might reward myself with this one if I use up 3 or 4. And as per with Marc Jacobs perfumes the packaging is gorgeous.

4. Black Authentic Lo Pro Vans - Vans have became really popular lately and I can understand why. They'd look really cute with a pair of jeans and from what I've heard they are so comfy.

5. Topshop Embellished Cami - I'm trying to wear more colours, I find that I tend to stick to neutrals or black and I want to stop being so boring. I think this is so cute and would look amazing in the spring/summer.

6. Topshop Joni Super High Waisted Jeans - I didn't even know Topshop did super high waisted jeans but since I love my high waisted ones this seems to be the next sensible step. I don't have any light coloured denim jeans so I really want these.

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