Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Are You Playing It Cool?

Shirt - Peacocks
Dress- New Look
Lipstick - New Temptation by MAC

I'm sorry for the really dodgy photos but damn I hate taking photographs of myself. It was terrible, the flash kept on blinding me and I looked so horrible in all them so I was just like "You know what? No face!" and went with it. I won this lipstick in Stacie's blog giveaway and this was my first time wearing it. Love it, thank you so much!

I really love this dress. A while ago I was shopping for a dress for a party and found this and another one that was a bit more fancy. I decided to get the fancier one for the party but I really liked this one as well. When in doubt? Get both? Maybe not the best idea but I wasn't paying so.....

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