Tuesday, 12 March 2013

On the 8th February I headed through to the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall with Stuart, my friend Elen and her friend Niall to see TFIOS Live. By the time we got to Glasgow we only had time to nip to McDonalds before going to the show. The venue was really nice and everyone got a signed copy of The Fault In Our Stars upon entry(it was only £12 for the tickets as well). Fortunately I was able to get tickets for the fourth row so we were very close and by some crazy coincidence, despite booking at different times Stuart and I managed to get seats right next to Elen and Niall.

Now for those of you wondering 'what's TFIOS live'? It was basically a tour to celebrate that The Fault In Our Stars is now being published by Penguin in the UK. It was basically one massive vlogbrothers video. John read some of the book, answered some questions and just had a wee chat and Hank, his brother for those of you who don't know, played some songs. The best part of the evening was when Hank asked who wanted to hear a specific song and then played The Universe Is Weird at my request! I filmed it and put it on YouTube, click here to see the video.

After the show ended by the brothers singing 500 Miles, there was a signing. They couldn't take photos with people so they told people to take photos of them in the above position and photoshop themselves into it but I don't have photoshop, someone take pity on me and do it for me? Pleeeeeease?

Everyone was allowed to take three things to the signing which I thought was pretty generous but they wouldn't sign clothing or skin. Luckily being in the forth row we got seen pretty quick, they said that based on the previous nights it would take two hours for the whole thing. It was seriously an amazing night. The brothers were so funny and it was amazing to get to meet them as well!

Blurry blurry!

After we left we decided to go to Frankie and Benny's for some desert,  I got the cinnamon waffle crunch which is one of my all time favourite deserts, perfect end to a perfect night.

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