Monday, 22 April 2013

April Wishlist

April Wishlist

Perfume / Bag: Mulberry / Earrings : Topshop / Dress : Topshop

Nina Ricci- Ricci Ricci The last time I bought a perfume I was given a sample of this and I really like it. I wasn't too keen on it in the bottle but on my skin it smells so lovely. I hope to treat myself to this if I manage to downsize my perfume collection considerably.

Mulberry Del Ray This bag is so beautiful. At over £1000 I definitely wont be buying it but a girl can dream.

Cat Hoop Earrings Need I really say anything? These are so cute. I know that with the arrival of Sam I really should be a right old dog person, but I do still like cats.

China Blue Lace Dress This dress is so beautiful. I normally stick to black clothes and I think this would be great to wean myself onto colours for spring!

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