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Saturday, 20 April 2013

I entered a giveaway on Lizzie's blog to win 1000 business cards from Instantprint. I won! I was quite excited and set out to designing my card straight away. I got sent a range of templates, from Photoshop to Microsoft Publisher. This made it really easy to design the card, and I can imagine it would be no matter what operating system you use or what programs you have installed. I wanted mine to look pretty simple so I just used the illustration that Robyn done as my sidebar image and then my links etc. I was also asked whether I wanted a matte or gloss finish and I went with matte. If you are ordering from the website you also have the option of a velvet finish, although I'm not too sure what that will look like.

I sent away my design on the Wednesday night and they came on the Friday, I was very impressed at the speed of the delivery especially as the package was really heavy and the cards needed to be printed etc. The cards come in these great little plastic boxes which I think is a great added extra, say you were going to some sort of event and you wanted to take a whole load, this would stop them getting all scuffed and horrible in your bag. It hadn't actually hit me how many 1000 is until they came. So far I've given them out to friends but the general reaction so far has been "awww these are so cute". I also took these to the event at Zen Lifestyle, they were really handy and everyone thought I was dead posh. The quality of the cards themselves is great. They're quite thick and feel of really great quality. 1000 of these cost £39 which may seem expensive, but my mum has spent over £50 on less business cards for her hair dressing business and they were no where as good quality as these ones. I think these would be a pretty great thing to have if you have a blog, especially if you attend a lot of events. I don't, so I know that these are going to last me for ages. Thank you to Lizzie and Instantprint for these! You can order your own if you wish to here.

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