Nail Polish Challenge

Friday, 5 April 2013

I always see people posting photos of massive hoards of nail polishes on Instagram and half of me says 'oh my god I want all of them so badly oh my god please I need all those polsishes pleeeeeease' and the other half says 'thank god you don't have such a big collection, you'd never work your way through that'. And it got me thinking, how many nail polishes do I have? So I counted. 54. 54 nail polishes?! I'm never going to use up 54 nail polishes! Then I seen this idea on Louise's blog.

So I've gathered all the nail polishes in my collection that I have either never worn or worn and disliked. A few of these I got for my birthday so they're really just included so I can try them out. Over the course of the next few weeks I am going to try out all of these and will blog my opinions of them. Them I'm going to decide whether I'm going to keep them, give them to a friend or bin them. I would also like to not buy any new nail polishes until I have tried out these or wear one that's not included here, unless I have some sort of special occasion to attend and one of my other polishes really matches my outfit!

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