Review: MAC Blush in Mocha

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

I bought my first MAC blush in Edinburgh airport, I was in a rush before my flight and they didn't have Mocha in stock. I kept on picking up testers thinking "well this one is nice too", I'd turn it over and what would it be? Mocha, they had a gazillion testers, but not a single one in stock. I settled for Desert Rose but too be honest it's a bit too bright for me. So when I visited the MAC counter at Harvey Nichols in Edinburgh before Christmas I knew I'd be picking up this.

First of all, Mocha is a bit of a misnomer. This blush doesn't make me think of coffee at all, it's more of a muted pinky-plumy colour. I am absolutely in love with this blush. It's so natural, I look like I've just came back from a nice long morning walk through a forest or something. It's definitely 'earth' toned. I apply this with my Real Technique blush brush and it just gives the nicest finish. It blends in with your skin really well and isn't chalky in anyway, it isn't visible clinging to your skin. And it's matte, I'm not the biggest fan of shimmery blushes so this is a mega bonus for me. I have fairly pale skin and this shows up on my face and gives a nice look without being too over powering and making me look like a clown. Whilst I cringed paying £17.50 for a blush, I know this is going to last me aaaages. I've been using this at least several times a week since Christmas and the waffled texture of the powder is still intact.

 Overall, Mocha is a beautiful blush just perfect for 'no make up' make up or for looks where you want the eyes/lips to be the main focus. This is great for pale skin, but a quick Google search shows that it looks great on those of all skin tones. Really good value for money and a product you'll get a lot of wear out of. Fully recommend.

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