Review: No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser

Monday, 15 April 2013

The first hot cloth cleanser I'd ever heard of was the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, it's a bit of a cult skincare item among the online beauty community. The thing is, my skin isn't all that bad. There are things about my skin that I dislike but overall I have pretty good skin for a teenager. The Liz Earle cleanser sounds really good but at nearly £15 I don't think it would be beneficial enough for me to justify the price. Not long after seeing the Liz Earle one I found this, the No7 alternative. This is £9.50 and I had a voucher, so all in all I spent £4.50 on this. I'm really glad that I got this, it's a really good cleanser.

I have pretty oily skin and this is very moisturising so I use this sparingly, once every three days or so. When I first started using this I found that it kind of broke me out, this annoyed me and I stopped using it completely. Then I read in a review that if you keep going with it then the breakouts will clear up and you'll start to notice it improving your skin instead. So back I went, carried on and what do you know? It worked. To use this you massage some onto your face(which you keep dry) and then leave the muslin cloth that comes with it in hot water. Then you press the cloth to your face and wash off the cleanser in circular motions(I want to say polish it off but that's a bit too punny considering the title of the LE one).  My skin is left absolutely glowing after using this, it makes me look so fresh and healthy, it's also a real saviour when my skin goes through dry spells. This is targeted at 'all skin types' and I can totally see this being true. I have oily skin but when my skin is feeling dry it works really well too. Wonder product! I've heard some complains that the cloth isn't smooth enough but I myself like a little bit of exfolitation and muslin cloths aren't expensive to replace if you don't like the one provided.

I'd fully recommend this cleanser, you can buy this in a Boots store or online here.

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