The Used And Abused

Monday, 29 April 2013

There are some products that I own and want to review. But they're so overused and 'skanky' that I'd feel a little bit embarrassed posting photos of them on my blog. So I came up with this idea 'the used and the abused'. It's basically a post where I showcase all my old but well loved favourites and write a little mini review of each product. 

Sleek Storm Palette This is my most used palette. Admittedly it's been left behind a little bit ever since I got my Naked palette but it will always hold a valuable place in my collection. These shadows are all super pigmented and have crazy staying powder. I can create at least 10 different eye looks with this easily, it's so versatile and it's the only eyeshadow product I take with me when I travel.

Revlon Lip Butter In Pink Truffle I never really see people talking about this one and I have no idea why. It's my all time favourite lip colour. It's very neutral, only a little bit darker than my natural lip colour and therefore the perfect 'your lips but better' shade. I feel completely confident wearing this to school and I get complimented on it quite a lot. This also wears off evenly so it doesn't look funny if you haven't been able to apply it for a while making it the perfect lip colour for school/work.

No7 Natural Blush Cream in Romantic I've only had this blusher since September but look at how much I've used already! That has to be some sort of record for me. This is a gorgeous peach that looks really nice and natural on my skin tone. I only apply this with my fingers but it blends in really well. I think I'll have actually finished this by the end of the summer and I'll probably go back and get one in another shade.

Upper: Pink Truffle
Lower: Romantic

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